MA Tamil Language and Literature

Course Structure Course No. Course Title Credit TAM 511 Modern literature 4 TAM 512 Modern Literary theories and literary criticism 4 TAM 513 History of Tamil Literature 4 TAM 514 History of South Indian Culture & Study of Tamil Inscriptions 4 TAM 521 Medieval & Bhakthi Literature 4 TAM 522 Prosody & Poetics 4 TAM 523 Tolkappiyam – Eluthu 4 TAM 531 Study of Tamil Epics 4 TAM 532 Akam Puram Theories of Tholkappiyam 4 TAM 533 Tholkappiyam – Col 4 TAM 534 Research Methodology & Translation 4 TAM 541 Ancient Literature 4 TAM 542 History of Tamil language 2 TAM 543 Linguistics and Comparative Dravidian 4 TAM 544 Dissertation 6

ELECTIVES TAM 501 Systems of Indian Philosophy with special reference of Tamil 4 TAM 502 The study of Folklore 4 TAM 503 Tamil Journalism and Mass Communication 4 TAM 504 Tamil : Language and Literature 4 TAM 505 Comparative Literature with Special reference to Tamil and Malayalam 4 * MAL5015 Malayalam Language & Literature : An Introductory Course TAM 501, TAM 502, TAM 503, TAM 505 are Intra – departmental options. TAM 504 Inter Departmental option (offered to the students of other departments) Course conducted by department of Malayalam for Tamil students. Fees Details: Admission fees – 50.00 1st semester – 1445.00 11nd semester – 375.00 1st year exam fee – 450.00 111rd semester – 845.00 IV th semester – 375.00 11nd year exam fee – 975.00

Mphil- Tamil

Duration : 1 year

Fees Details – Rs. 2320.00


The language and literature Departments in India attract less gifted and less motivated students coming from less privileged social economical and educational background. Together with these reality the lesser standards prevalent in the government schools and colleges add to the miseries of the higher educational system To train these neglected lot and bring them up to appreciable levels of standard is an uphill task. Mediocrity only breeds mediocrity. This is an inbuilt- constraint with which one has to work to produce better results in the language and literature departments. Immensely conscious of this social reality we are doing our best to train the younger generation with individual attention. Simultaneously we engage ourselves essentially in basic research in classical literature and grammar ,Linguistics, Criticism and also in applied areas like Lexicography, Folklore, Translation, Language Technology, Language Teaching, Comparative Literature, Manuscriptology and Epigraphy.


The following are the contact details of Supervising Teachers attached to this department/ centre.


Supervising Teachers

1. Dr. Kanchana

2. Dr. P. Jeyakrishnan

External Supervising Teachers

1. Dr. K. Nachimuthu

2. Dr. C. Subramania Pillai

3. Dr. P. Doctor Nazeemdeen


Department library is a rich source of knowledge for students learning Tamil Language. It has presently 25,000 booksdealing with various areas of study,available in Tamil Department library are,Anthropology, Biography, Census of India, Criticism, Did-active, Drama, Economics, Epic, Essays, Education, Linguistics, Short stories, Novel Philosophy, Poetry, Psychology, Bharathiar Cristicism, Fine Arts, Geography, Grammar, History of Literature, Inscription, Journalism, Literary, Criticism, Law, Politics, Religion, Science, Literature, Dissertation and Thesis